E-Bike Incentive Project Eligibility

Who is eligible for an e-bike incentive?

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California residents 18 years or older….

We verify residency using your current, valid California Driver’s License, California AB 60 License, or California ID Card.

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...with a qualifying household income of 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or less...

Gross annual household income will be calculated and used to determine eligibility during the income verification portion of the application process.

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…who complete our online application…

This process, which includes residency verification, income verification and education/safety training requirements, may take up to 60 days depending on the speed at which steps are completed by applicants and program processing times.

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…and receive an approval notification via email.

You must receive an approval notification with your incentive voucher PRIOR TO purchasing your e-bike. Purchases made before receiving these will not be eligible for the incentive. 

What is the maximum qualifying gross household income for eligibility?

Household Size* 
Priority Applicants**: Household Income 225% of FPL
All Applicants:
Household Income 300% of FPL***

For households with more than 8 persons, add $12,105 for each additional person (225%) or $16,140 for each additional person (300%).

*Household size includes yourself plus any spouse, registered domestic partner, dependents and/or guardians you may have.

**Those with a gross annual household income of 225 percent or less of FPL or who live in a disadvantaged community as defined by CalEnviroScreen 4.0 or a low-income community as defined by AB 1550.

***Income criteria is updated to the next calendar year FPL at IRS filing deadline annually.

More information on Federal Poverty guidelines can be found here.

How much are the incentive vouchers worth?

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  • $1,750 – Base incentive voucher
  • +$250 – Additional for priority applicants
  • $2,000 – Maximum total amount

What can be purchased with an incentive voucher?

✔️Eligible e-bike, and*
✔️Accessories: Helmet, Bike Lock, Racks, Fenders, Reflective Clothing, Rear Light (if not equipped)
✔️Assembly and delivery fees
✔️Any sales tax associated with eligible purchases

*These additional eligible items will only be covered by the incentive voucher funds when purchased at the same time as an eligible e-bike from an approved retailer. Limited to one item per accessory type.

Eligibility - California E-Bike Incentive, Person driving e-bike with cargo on back rack through city streets.

How do I apply?