Retailer FAQs

The California E-Bike Incentive Project is a statewide consumer-facing incentive program that aims to provide point-of-sale voucher incentives — for the purchase of electric bicycles (e-bikes) — to residents in disadvantaged communities, low-income communities, and low-income households with an annual household income of less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Eligible applicants can receive up to $2,000 in incentives.

All California-based e-bike retailers/brands are welcome to apply to take part in the program.

All retailers must have one of the following, even if you sell your bikes exclusively online:

  • Corporate office in California
  • Storefront presence in California
  • Products sold in a California storefront
  • California-based manufacturing

Approved retailers will be expected to only redeem incentive vouchers for eligible e-bikes that fit program criteria as noted below.

Approved retailers will be expected to have the ability to support their products, supply parts or e-bikes to local or mobile service providers so participants can have access to repairs and service.

Applications will be accepted online through our application portal. Retailers will need to submit information about their business and upload several documents including proof of insurance, CA sellers permit, and a sample copy of sales documentation/sales receipts. 

We also request details regarding e-bike brands you carry. We may request additional product specific information prior to approval. Additional details are listed on the application portal.

Approved retailers are responsible for reviewing participant approval notifications, expiration dates, voucher codes, and for applying the incentive amount as a point-of-sale discount at the time of purchase of an eligible e-bike, that must be fully assembled when delivered.

After a voucher is redeemed, approved retailers will be responsible for uploading sales documentation, e-bike model and serial number, and a customer-signed copy of an Acknowledgement of Receipt.

In addition, the retailer must have the ability to supply parts to local or mobile service providers so program participants can access repairs and services.

In addition to these FAQs which will be updated as needed, approved retailers will be provided with a detailed guide on using the voucher redemption portal to which they will be provided individual logins, information that must be verified prior to voucher redemption, e-bike eligibility criteria and other covered costs and respective limits, and the required documentation that must be submitted with an incentive payout request. Retailers are responsible for ensuring that all employees complete training prior to assisting participants with incentive voucher redemption.

The base incentive voucher amount is $1,750.

An additional $250 incentive is available for participants who either have a household income at or below 225% of FPL, live in a disadvantaged community as defined by CalEnviroScreen 4.0, or live in a low-income community as defined by Assembly Bill 1550. 

Incentive vouchers may be redeemed for up to the total approved amount, a maximum of $2,000. Incentives cannot be more than the total cost of the e-bike, any other eligible equipment, applicable fees, and sales taxes associated with the purchase.

Approved applicants must provide an approval notification with a voucher code and matching identification prior to purchase. Retailers will need to log-in to the dealer portal to ensure approval status and amount of the voucher.

The voucher amount paid is not to exceed the maximum approved incentive amount or the actual cost of eligible purchases, whichever is less.

Program participants will have 45 days from approval to redeem their voucher with an additional 45-day extension upon request. Retailers will be encouraged to work with customers to find the right e-bike fit within that period. Retailers will be responsible for checking the status of the voucher prior to redemption. 

Incentive funds can be applied as a discount at the time of purchase towards the cost of an e-bike that meets program criteria, and e-bike related accessories including– helmet, bike lock, racks, fenders, reflective clothing, rear light (if not equipped), assembly and delivery fees and any sales taxes associated with these purchases.

Eligible accessories must be purchased at the same time as the voucher redemption for the e-bike. The incentive voucher cannot be used in a separate purchase of e-bike accessories. Limited to one item per accessory type.

Incentive vouchers can be used to purchase new e-bikes from established California-based retailers/brands that meets the following criteria:

  • Class 1, 2, and 3 of e-bikes are eligible. 
  • E-bike has operable pedals and an electric motor of less than or equal to 750 watts.

Equipment and manufacturer requirements:

    • Must have integrated front light.
    • Must have rear light equipped – can be integrated or battery operated.
    • Must have been tested by an accredited testing laboratory for compliance with ANSI/CAN/UL-2849 and/or EN-15194.
    • Must have a minimum one-year manufacturer warranty on all electrical components.
    • Must be  fully assembled at the time customer takes possession.

Eligible e-bike checklist

  • Used e-bikes
  • Bicycles modified with an e-bike conversion kit
  • E-bike conversion kits
  • E-bikes outside of the three-class system 
  • Scooters and mopeds

In the scope of this program, an adaptive e-bike is designed to meet the specialized needs of an individual rider who is unable to use a standard e-bike. This can be through changes to an existing two-wheel e-bike or a need-specific e-bike or e-trike.

Participants who are redeeming incentive vouchers for an adaptive e-bike may have longer processing times as each e-bike will need to be individually reviewed and approved.

There are no minimum or maximum price requirements for e-bikes or other eligible items covered by the incentive voucher.

Program participants will be expected to pay any difference between the total sales price and the incentive voucher amount. Approved retailers offering financing will be able to assist participants with this aspect of their e-bike purchase. 

The voucher amount paid is not to exceed the maximum approved incentive amount or the actual cost of eligible purchases, whichever is less.

Any unused amount of the incentive voucher will remain with the Program Administrator as available incentive funds, neither participants nor retailers are entitled to the remaining balance. 

Retailers will be required to upload a sales receipt into the dealer portal as well as provide purchased product details such as e-bike make, model, and serial number, total purchase price, incentive voucher amount, and customer-signed Acknowledgment of Receipt. 

Once a voucher is redeemed and all the appropriate materials have been uploaded with an incentive payout request in the dealer portal, ACH payments should be received within 2 weeks. If a retailer is unable to receive an ACH payment, there will likely be delays in payment.

If a participant returns the e-bike to the retailer, both the participant and the retailer are responsible for reporting the return and the reason for the return to the administrator. 

If an incentive payout has previously been processed, the voucher funds must be returned by contacting the administrator for further information and instructions. 

If a participant exchanges their purchased e-bike for another, it is the responsibility of both the participant and retailer to report this information to the administrator. 

The e-bike received in exchange must meet program eligibility requirements. Retailers must provide updated information on sales price, incentive amounts, e-bike information, etc. 

If there is any difference in the incentive voucher amount on the exchange, retailers must contact us for further information and instructions. 

Any difference in the price of the bike is the responsibility of the participant. 

It is up to individual retailers to determine return and exchange policies. 

You can email with additional questions. We anticipate some delays in our ability to respond to questions while our team works through high application demand. We apologize for any delays and appreciate your patience. Please keep an eye here on our retailer FAQ page as we will update with the most up to date questions as they are received.

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