Voucher Process

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Create a login and complete each step of the online application to complete the voucher process

The voucher process requires all applicants to complete all the steps below to be considered eligible for a California E-Bike voucher and then Click “Apply Now” when you are ready to apply.

  • Create login credentials. This requires a full name, a valid email address, and password setting.
  • Complete California E-Bike Incentive Project online application.
    • Basic Information – name, current address, contact information, etc.
    • Complete California residency verification and age verification step – upload a picture/copy of your valid driver’s license or state identification card.
    • Complete income verification step by uploading your most recent federal tax transcript. If you did not file taxes, you can upload different income verification documents. Refer to the list of acceptable documents to complete this step.
    • Watch e-bike safety and climate impact training videos.
  • Lastly, submit complete application for processing.
    • Terms and conditions signature required with submittal.
  • Respond to follow up emails and provide required information requested within the specified time period.
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Receive your approval notification via email

Applicants who are approved will receive:

  • Approval notification with approved incentive amount and voucher expiration date.
  • Incentive voucher code
    • Incentive vouchers must be redeemed within 45 days of the date that the approval notification was issued. A one-time extension of 45 days may be requested in the case that an e-bike is unavailable within the first 45-day window.

Applicants whose applications are deemed ineligible will receive an email detailing this information and instructions on how to either resubmit required information or a notification that the information provided is not eligible under the program requirements.

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The voucher process requires that you find an approved California e-bike retailer

Vouchers can only be redeemed for a new eligible e-bikes from an approved retailer. A list of approved retailers can be found alongside our Approved Retailer Map.   

This list of approved retailers is subject to change. 

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Decide which e-bike is right for you

Consider which electric bike will best fit your lifestyle and needs. You can start learning more about electric bikes here.

As a part of the voucher process, participants must redeem the incentive voucher for an e-bike that meets all requirements listed in the e-bike eligibility checklist

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Complete online program education requirements

The voucher process requires applicants to complete the education requirements that are included in the application process prior to purchasing an e-bike. The training will consist of watching the following two videos in full prior to, or during the application process:

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Redeem your e-bike incentive voucher

Once approved, participants will redeem incentive vouchers with approved e-bike retailers. After purchase, retailers will submit the required documentation to receive reimbursement of the voucher discount issued at time of sale. Program participants do not receive voucher funds directly.
Make sure to bring your approval notification with your voucher as well as your ID when you go shopping.
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Participate in follow-up surveys

Participants must complete program surveys. There will be an initial participation survey sent 90 days after voucher redemption and a second survey sent one year after the participant redeems voucher.

The information collected in these surveys is intended to identify areas of improvement in the program and to track the impacts of the program in areas such as equity, mobility, and reduction of GHG emissions.

When filling out the application you will also be invited to participate in a year long voluntary study with our research partner. 


Last but not least, enjoy your new e-bike!

We believe that electric bikes have the potential to improve the lives of people living in financially under-served communities, while also contributing to a healthier environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By taking part in this voucher process program you’re making a change for the better!